News: Our first newsletter comes with a special international acknowledgement

June 27, 2013 in News by kassie papasotiriou

Dear Book4Book members,
The Book4Book team would like to thank you for your support and the genuine intention to
tackle a social issue through collaborative, social contribution. This warms our hearts as it tells us
that we are not alone in imagining a better society. Our vision is to establish a popular online
non-profit social network that will assist teachers, students and parents in exchanging their old
books, to reduce the huge waste of trees and resources taking place every school year. We
believe that the institution of school should convey the eco-conscious to students as an integral
part of their education.
To this end, we are constantly trying to make our platform better with new ideas and features.
Recently, we updated the site adding an English version, as our visitors and members now extend
beyond the Greek borders. We are also adding new user roles and groups (soon to be ready in
the next platform version), where we plan to highlight all bookstores that currently contribute in
our effort, in order to give them credit for their participation.
We would also like you to know that the social value of Book4Book is receiving recognition by
international organizations and innovation contests. Recently we participated in the European
Project Awards competition (, organized every year by
the European Projects Association, where we ranked fifth among many promising and innovative
projects of young researchers. The following certification was received in acknowledgement of
our achievement.

View and download our Book4Book Newsletter No1 along with the international certification in pdf format.