News: Book4Book from Greece shortlisted for prestigious Youth Award

August 30, 2013 in News by kassie papasotiriou

United Nations Goals turned into high-tech Festival: Book4book from Greece shortlisted for prestigious Youth Award

Hundreds of digital projects compete for the annual World Summit Youth Award and European Youth Award. Book4book from Greece is one of 60 that are still in the race for the Winners’ Events in Colombo and Graz.

Athens/Salzburg, August 27, 2013
Book4book from Greece met the high demands of the online jury and enters the next round of the World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) and European Youth Award (EYA) 2013 in the category Go Green!. The contests are dedicated to young developers who employ digital technologies to turn the United Nations Millennium Development Goals into action. Now Book4book competes against 59 websites, apps and other innovative youth projects. If it withstands critical inspection by a jury of internationally renowned ICT-experts, an invitation to the winners’ events in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Graz, Austria, awaits the producer.
Book4book has created a website (, providing the ability to match requests and exchange books of interest between school students. The platform aspires to host young students and parents who wish to find books online for free, quickly and easily. The users of the platform can offer or search for school books of a specific grade that other users living close to them may already have requested or offered, and arrange a personal meeting to a public spot for the exchange to take place. Also, school managers or students of an area can organize a meeting for mass exchanging of books of certain classes inside a school or in a public place. So Book4book can eventually establish a social network, connecting students and schools that will be able to join and massively “recycle” their old books of various educational levels from a single access point.
If the project succeeds, its creator will win a trip to the EYA Festival in Graz or the WSYA Winners’ Event Colombo – or even both. This price offers more than just an opportunity to explore two amazing cities and to encounter two entirely different cultures. At the events for young ICT-developers, the next generation of IT-pioneers will have the chance to present their project in front of a high-level audience, including business leaders from the multimedia sector and creative industry, representatives of politics and NGOs and many more.
“For me the WSYA and EYA were like a bridge between young, creative people on one side and experienced people that have worked a long time in these fields on the other”, says Darko Bozhinoski from Fyrom, who in 2012 won both contests in the category Go Green! for his project ‘Climate for Children’. Besides unique network opportunities, the event-agendas feature workshops, seminars and keynote sessions dealing with the most important topics of the future. The absolute highlight of both events is the Award Ceremony and Gala at which the winners will be honored.

The six categories of the WSYA and EYA:
Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease!
Education for All!
Power 2 Women!
Create your Culture!
Go Green!
Pursue Truth!
Book4book is nominated in Go Green!.

About the World Summit Youth Award (WSYA)
The WSYA is an annual award and a network for young people, under 30 years of age, using the Internet, mobile phones or other digital media to put the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) into action. The MDGs were set in 2000 by the UN to prompt member states and civil society to fight poverty, hunger and disease, inequalities, lack of education and environmental degradation.

About the European Youth Award (EYA)
European Youth Award is a partner award of the WSYA. It focusses on selecting and promoting those young Europeans who creatively use Internet and mobiles to get action on the most pressing social issues of today. This includes tackling extreme poverty, hunger and disease, supporting gender-equality, education, freedom of information, cultural development and environmental sustainability.

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