Book4Book summer interviews

September 8, 2014 in News by Sotiris Papasotiriou

Hello to all Book4Book members and supporters!

We hope that you all had joyful summer vacations and got some rest.
Book4Book is back this September to support the need to share books no longer needed or find old books from the previous year’s students.

Opening the new school season we have been interviewed by Skai TV channel, in the “Tora” show presented by Anna Bousdoukou.

More than that, Sotiris was also hosted by the ANT1 TV channel morning news on the 2nd of September:
(watch at 28:00 of the TV show)

Last but not least, in the beginning of June, we have been interviewed by Renia Rigopoulou for Reload Greece
Reload Greece is the Hub of Greek Entrepreneurship in London, seeking solutions that can generate economic growth and social impact in Greece.

We want to thank the aforementioned media and organizations for their support, and hope that even more students and bookstores will join our initiative this year!