About us

Book4Book is a book exchange platform for recycling old books, in order to avoid remaining useless on the shelves of students or in the worst case being thrown away. Through this platform we aim to support the activity of students via technology, within a citizen’s community acting without the mediation of the state or third parties. The site is open to those who want to share or request schoolbooks, and also encourages users to organize events for mass book exchange.

Anastasis-Romanos Varvarigos: CEO. Currently ambivalent about which first name to use, he is certain he will make a final decision until his early thirties. Born in Athens with lots of opinions and pretty hair, he is currently working towards graduation from high school, expected to happen in 2021. His firm belief is that the best of him is yet to come. In the meantime he just keeps playing football, enjoying geometry problems and trying his luck with computers


Andreas Varvarigos: Operations manager. Born at a very young age, Andreas is already a self-made hundredaire from some odd jobs he did. Currently, he devotes his buoyant and indefatigable energy to his true passions: computers, math and tennis. He believes that every storm eventually runs out of rain, so he is always striving to make the best out of the bad weather while it lasts.


Kassie Papasotiriou: Founder. She has an electronic desk of several square gigabytes where important decisions (e.g. selection of colors for each pixel) are taken; she manages the page and detects new members / talents with good books for exchange.



Sotiris Papasotiriou: Co-Founder. He provides guidelines and guarantees the success of book4book. He is talented enough to save the project (and the world) but he won’t, since he’s currently busy.






Contact us

  • For ideas: email andreas at book4book.gr
  • For technical issues: email anastasis-romanos at book4book.gr