About us

Book4Book is a book exchange platform for recycling old books, in order to avoid remaining useless on the shelves of students or in the worst case being thrown away. Through this platform we aim to support the activity of students via technology, within a citizen’s community acting without the mediation of the state or third parties. The site is open to those who want to share or request schoolbooks, and also encourages users to organize events for mass book exchange.


Photo of SotirisSotiris: Founding member and creative director. He provides guidelines and guarantees the success of book4book. He is talented enough to save the project (and the world) but he won’t, since he’s currently busy.


Photo of KassieKassie: Founding member and director of operations. She has an electronic desk of several square gigabytes where important decisions (e.g. selection of colors for each pixel) are taken; she manages the page and detects new members / talents with good books for exchange.


Photo of DoraDora: Firefighter / ninja. She intervenes in extreme cases (i.e. all the time). Specialist in missions of extreme difficulty such as sending greeting cards and personal letters. Rumor has it that she has her own social network, which is greater than Facebook.


Photo of FotisFotis: Great researcher of social networks, according to his own words, and given his outstanding humility. If someone asked him whether he speaks foreign languages, he would ask if Java is relevant. He undertook the technical support of book4book because in his CV he included “lucky” among his basic skills.


Photo of KostasKostas: Zealous supporter of book4book. He is mostly excited about the social networking part, based on which he is implementing social analytics to successfully substitute his nonexistent social skills (as apparently he is a robot).



Contact us

  • For praising: email kassie at book4book.gr
  • For ideas: email sotiris at book4book.gr
  • For complaints: email dora at book4book.gr
  • For technical issues: email fotis at book4book.gr
  • For psychotherapy: email kostas at book4book.gr